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Coffee Beans

Coffee Beans, Fairtrade, Organic, Espresso, Filter

High quality coffee that is affordable. Espresso, cafetiere, filter, beans or preground. Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance.

Novus Tea

Organic Japanese Tsuki Matcha Tea

Matcha tea leaves grows in shaded tea plantations in Japan. The tea leaves are then dried and ground by granite stones into a very fine powder. The powder can be used in a variety of different drinks from the tea itself with water, to lattes, juice shots and cooking. The result is a creamy, full bodied green tea. One gram of Matcha is equivalent to 15 cups of green tea such is the levels of antioxidants levels in Matcha.



Sweetbird Ice Blended 1ltr Smoothie packs

Sweetbird smoothies are totally fruity and fantastically refreshing. Made using real fruit purée in 8 sensational flavours.

Take Out Gear

Take Away Cups and Accessories

A range of take out products that are eco friendly and affordable.


Hot Chocolate,Marshmallows

Hot chocolate is experiencing a major revival in the specialty drinks industry and should account for around 15% of your winter drinks sales.

Zuma Chai Teas

Chai has been a favourite spiced drink of India for centuries and is emerging as the next trend in the specialty coffee arena. Made with a blend of exotic spices, we recommend chai for anyone in need of comfort, energy and a dash of happiness...

Zuma Frappe

Zuma is a well established brand in the market place offering a wide range of flavours. These are the only frappes that use real chocolate, real vanilla and real toffee pieces to give strong natural flavours.